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Speech recognition is at its most accurate and is becoming an integral part of many businesses. But are you getting the most out of your software?

We’ve put together the top five common speech recognition mistakes that might be hindering you from reaping the excellent results of speech recognition.

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Not Proof-Reading Dictations

Yes, Dragon speech recognition is now at 99% accuracy but that leaves 1% for errors. Whether the reason is that you are speaking too fast or working in a noisy environment, typing errors sometimes occur.

A quick skim over your dictation will avoid any embarrassing errors – don’t forget that you can make any corrections via your voice!

Leaving Your Microphone On

It may not seem like a big deal, but Dragon really does listen to everything! Leaving your microphone on when you aren’t dictating can lead to some pretty embarrassing faux pas.

Let’s just say that the recipient of your dictation won’t be interested in what Lisa said about Julie – and nor is it professional!

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Not Asking An Expert When You Need To

Believe it or not, that’s what we’re here for! It’s very common for users to experience a minuscule technical issue (that could have been resolved in a couple of minutes) and give up on the software altogether.

Instead of throwing in the towel, give our technical team a call and we’ll have it sorted in no time – it really is that easy!

Avoid Using Filler Words

So, um it’s kinda annoying when like there are unnecessary words erm in your dictation – right?

We get it, talking to your computer takes some getting used to, but Dragon will print everything you say, including filler words such as ‘erm’, ‘like’ or ‘um’.

Eventually, you’ll be a pro adapting to speaking to the system, but until then try speaking slowly.

This will help you think about what you are saying next rather than using filler words to buy you more time to think about your next sentence.

Don’t Buy Budget Equipment

‘Wow! A dictation microphone on eBay for £20, great!’ That is until it doesn’t pick up your voice correctly and you’re spending hours filtering through the errors in your dictation.

You may end up like this guy…

Speech recognition products aren’t the cheapest, we get it. But we take pride in the quality of our products and guarantee that with them, you will get the best results.

Plus, investments in speech recognition are returned within the first year of use, alongside additional money and time savings.

You can read more about the many benefits of investing in speech technology here.

So there they are, 5 common speech recognition mistakes, we hope they have been useful. Now you have no excuse, you’re professionals!

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