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There is something exciting about the beginning of a new year. Many of us are considering our goals, aspirations and new year’s resolutions for the months ahead. This is the perfect time to reset and re-focus and the same goes for business too.

As we begin the first quarter of 2022, business owners, Directors, and Founders are setting their sights on what they’d like their businesses to achieve this year and how they’re going to get there.

For a lot of people, that involves investing in and implementing new technologies, whether it’s a new case management system, CRM, productivity tools or speech recognition (😉), technology is a key part of business development and growth.

However, the roll-out of new digital tools is often hindered by the attitudes towards technology held by decision-makers, managers and employees. In fact, 39% of employees listed a ‘lack of direction’ from their leaders as a barrier to digital transformation (The Daisy Group).

So, to avoid that happening for you, here are a few positive attitudes towards technology that will allow your digital transformation initiatives to thrive in 2022.

attitudes towards technology

Have An Open Mind

Change can be scary for many and it’s for this reason that we stick to doing the same things for so long. When it comes to business, we tend to follow the same processes, use the same systems and have the same policies because “that’s how we’ve always done it” – But does that make it the best way of doing it?

Encouraging yourself and your team to have an open mind and a prejudice-free attitude towards technology will only improve the results you see from it. Ruling out negative and judgemental opinions will create a much more positive space, one where new ideas and approaches will thrive.

Oh and leaders, you’ve got to lead by example!

attitudes towards technology

Be Willing to Learn

Once you have an open mind, it’s important to be willing to learn. We can’t be experts on everything, so when integrating new technology, there will be a period of learning and educating ourselves on it. This is inevitable and essential if we want those fabulous results.

Going into a new technology roll-out expecting to know everything is setting yourself up to fail. Change management is a key aspect of any new initiative as some people may feel as though railroaded into taking on new technology without really knowing what is coming and why.

Being willing to learn creates an appetite and understanding from everyone who is ultimately going to be using and benefitting from the changes, as we mentioned, no one likes change at the best of times, but people like change even less if they don’t know what is coming or what it is supposed to be fixing!

Accepting and taking on board the knowledge of your supplier and field experts is how you will achieve that desired return on investment and then some!

The more you know about the technology, the better it’ll work for you.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Our last and one of the most important attitudes towards technology is realism. We hear of these stories of ‘must-have’ revolutionary digital tools that have helped businesses in your field double their profit and blah blah blah.

In these cases, we’d like to remind you that one size doesn’t fit all. Just because your competitor got this new software and it has done wonders for them, it doesn’t mean it will do the same for you. Being aware that you’re going to have to research what technology you need and what will specifically help you means you will go into the process with realistic expectations.

Furthermore, in many cases, new technologies must be tailored to each user in order to see the true benefits, for example, we create personalised Dragon speech recognition workflows for each client; Without this tailored approach, our Dragon deployments just couldn’t be as effective as they are.

To summarise, going into 2022 with positive attitudes towards technology will only excel your business. We hope our tips have helped you to have a better understanding of how to use technology within your business this year!

If you think using speech recognition or digital dictation to capture your documentation could be a great place to start your digital transformation this year, let’s arrange a casual, no-obligation meeting to discuss your options.

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