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The UK economy is cost £27 billion per year by data privacy issues such as cyber-attacks – If that’s not enough reason to keep reading then we don’t know what is!

Here are three data security tips that you can use to protect your company data.

Keep Your Systems Up-To-Date

As software providers, we know the importance of having up-to-date software and technology.

Being on the most recent version of the technology and operating systems that you use will ensure that you’re covered by the manufacturer and that they can help you should any risks or attacks take place.

You will have probably heard about Windows 7 becoming end-of-life and this is the perfect example of the kind of updates you should be doing.

Multi-Factor Authentication

This feature adds an extra layer of security when logging into business accounts.

It will send the user a numeric code to a different device from the one that you’re trying to log into, for example, a phone or an official application. You can then input the code into the computer and access will be granted.

For example, at VoicePower we have multi-factor authentication set up on our emails, accounting software and CRM system just to make it that little bit harder to hack into should anyone try.

It’s a really popular way of being extra secure and most IT providers will be able to help you to put this in place.

Be Suspicious of Everything!

Our final digital security tip is to just have your wits about you.

Most of the time, if something feels wrong or unfamiliar, there’s a reason for that!

Phishing attacks etc can come in various different forms whether it be a suspicious link or an email from an unrecognised contact, just be sure to run things past your director or your IT provider/department if you’re not sure.

It may slow you down a little, but it is worth it if it can prevent an attack or hack – So if in doubt, always ask!

That concludes our data security tips to help keep your business secure, we hope they have helped and if you think your team could benefit from reading this article, please feel free to share it on!

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