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Some of you will be aware of the new cloud-based, medical version of Dragon released by Nuance back in 2019: Dragon Medical One.

This offering has been incredibly popular with various healthcare organisations making the swap to enjoy increased accuracy, easier installation and more flexible use on various computers.

As a result of wanting to offer clients the absolute best version out there, Nuance Communications announced last year that Dragon Medical Practice Edition will be end-of-life as of 2023.

As a Nuance Elite Medical Partner, allow us to talk you through the announcement and what it will mean going forward and the options available to you.

Main Takeaways

  • DMPE will be end of life from 30th September 2023 and has been unable to purchase since 30th September 2022.
  • It is no longer possible to purchase any DMPE licences from any reseller or Nuance themselves.
  • The software will still be supported until 2023, after which point no updates will be made to the product and technical support from Nuance directly will be unavailable.

What Next?

Don’t fret! The end-of-life notice will ensure that you are on the best version possible and you are using the most secure, accurate and best speech recognition software out there.

There are a few options depending on your scenario. Firstly, those that have valid software maintenance will be offered a discounted upgrade path to Dragon Medical One. This means that you will be on the most recent medical version of Dragon and therefore the product is supported by Nuance.

However, if you do not have in-date software maintenance for your existing DMPE software, you will have one of two options:

  1. You can continue to use your DMPE software beyond the ‘supported until’ date in 2023, thus understanding that if you encounter any issues, Nuance will not be able to offer any technical support.
  2. You could also swap over to the Dragon Medical One version, however, you will have to re-purchase outright.

Regardless of your decision, we will be here to support you, and our customers, and ensure that your business is uninterrupted by this announcement.

What is the difference between Dragon Medical Practice Edition and Dragon Medical One?

Here to Help

As always we will continue to support our clients using this version as well as the users covered by our technical support contract.

Our dedicated support team will be on-hand not only to answer any questions that you may have but also to offer guidance and expert advice personalised to your situation and needs from your speech recognition software.

Therefore, please do send over any questions to our friendly team.

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