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Microsoft Teams has been pivotal within many businesses by aiding them to work remotely during the COVID pandemic – Ourselves included!

Through checking in and communicating with our clients, we quickly learned their desire to use Dragon speech recognition within Microsoft Teams.

Although Dragon isn’t officially supported by Microsoft Teams (yet!), our Specialist Software Trainer Matt got straight to work to see what could be done.

The result? Some really handy custom-made Microsoft Teams dictation commands! Take a look…

microsoft teams dictation

1: “Go To Search”

This command can be used to go to the search bar within Microsoft Teams, you can then search for your desired contact via dictation or typing.

2: “Send Message”

Once you have composed a message to a contact, use the “send message” command to do exactly that: Send the message!

3: “Start Video Call”

Sometimes messaging back and forth just isn’t enough and in this case, this command is the one for you!

Say “start video call” to call a contact.

4: “Mute Video”

The Amazon delivery staff always seem to ring the doorbell at the wrong times, don’t they?

Don’t worry, use this command to turn off your video during a Teams call so that you cannot be seen.

5: “Mute Audio”

This command allows the user to turn off the audio whilst on a Microsoft Teams call.

6: “Schedule A Meeting”

Remote working for most people equals more and more meetings. Schedule a meeting with ease by using the “go to calendar” command followed by “schedule a meeting”.

That concludes our Dragon and Microsoft Teams dictation commands – Make sure you download our free PDF to refer back to them at any time.

Please note that these commands are not installed into your Dragon software by default, these commands have been custom-made by our team and therefore can only be imported by us.

If you think these commands would be beneficial, please contact matt@voicepower.co.uk and we arrange a quote and set them up for you.

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