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Dragon Medical Dictation Software Reduces Stress for Dr Annesley-Williams

When Consultant Neuroradiologist, Dr Annesley-Williams, struggled with an increasing workload combined with an ineffective process, she decided that a new approach was needed. Que speech recognition!

  • Dr Deborah Annesley-Williams is a Consultant Neuroradiologist, with a busy Medico-Legal Reporting Practice
  • Dr Annesley-Williams was using a manual dictation system to dictate reports.
  • This process was slow and cumbersome, increasing the time required to produce reports, and so the cost.
  • Dr Annesley-Williams and her Personal Assistant (PA) are now using Dragon Medical software.
  • Their new Dragon Medical dictation system is fast and accurate leading to a significant increase in productivity and reduced stress.
  • They commend VoicePower’s service as “very accurate [and] very supportive.”

About Dr Annesley-Williams

Deborah Annesley-Williams is a Consultant Neuroradiologist, specialising in imaging of the brain & spine. She is involved in a busy medico-legal reporting practice.

With the help of her PA, Dr Annesley-Williams produces around 50 new reports every single year.

In order to create a report, Dr Annesley-Williams used physical tapes to capture information, which she would then pass on to her PA for transcription.

As you can imagine, this method of working presented various issues from a delay in turnaround times, to the poor quality of the tapes affecting the ease and accuracy of transcription as well as potential problems with confidentiality.

When the increasing workload was combined with an ineffective system of manual dictation, Dr Annesley-Williams decided that a new approach was needed. That’s when she contacted workflow consultancy experts: VoicePower Ltd.

dragon medical dictation

Workflow Makeover with Dragon Medical Dictation

Dr Annesley-Williams approached VoicePower Ltd who took her through their workflow consultancy service.

Deborah explained her previous system, the problems with it and her hopes and objectives for a new solution.

After assessing her needs, the speech recognition experts recommended that Dragon Medical Dictation by Nuance Communications was the best solution for her practice.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is clinical speech recognition software that has an inbuilt medical vocabulary and is compatible with most electronic patient record systems.

Contributing to the benefits of Dragon Medical dictation is the fact that the software is fully secure and compliant with GDPR regulations, addressing patient confidentiality.

Unlike the tapes, all dictation captured and sent via Dragon is 256-bit encrypted, meaning that sensitive patient information is protected.

VoicePower knew that this would be the perfect solution for Dr Annesley-Williams as it would eliminate the passing on of dictation tapes, making the whole process much quicker.

Making The Transition

After various discussions with the VoicePower team, Dr Annesley Williams enrolled in their technical support and training services.

VoicePower is proud to be able to offer full-circle care to their clients by providing software and hardware, as well as training and technical support via installations and teething issues.

Dr Annesley-Williams agrees that VoicePower’s assistance made all the difference in her adoption of the technology:

What’s more, Dr Annesley-Williams puts the ease of transition from tapes to voice recognition down to the VoicePower Dragon training course:

“It was excellent. I learned how to use all the commands. There was a useful desktop printout also for reference.”Dr Deborah Annesley-Williams

Dragon Medical Dictation Results Speak for Themselves

VoicePower’s care and support were not the only factors that contributed to the doctor’s success – Dragon Medical dictation software had a huge part to play.

Allowing its users to capture 180 words per minute, Dragon Medical Practice Edition allows for quicker, more accurate and more detailed clinical documentation.

Furthermore, the use of Dragon Medical eased the workflow that Dr Annesley-Williams’ PA had to process daily, allowing more time to be devoted to important practice administration and development.

Instead of transcribing from crackly, old tapes her PA is now receiving already completed documents which now only require proof-reading before being sent to the client.

It isn’t just about the improved client experience though, Dr Annesley-Williams and her team have been enjoying the benefits themselves too:

With an improved workflow and a reduced turnaround time for reports, it’s fair to say that Dragon Medical dictation software has been a success for the team.

Summarising her experience, Dr Annesley-Williams expressed her thanks to the VoicePower team:

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