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Dragon Medical Revolutionises Efficiency for GP

Recording Patient Data

Established in 2000, Heatherlands Medical Centre has a full healthcare team which includes three doctors.

With an increasing requirement to record high-quality, in-depth information on each patient consultation, attention was focused on the limitations of the practice’s analogue recording devices.

Problems included unacceptable sound quality, the recurring costs of dictation tapes and the length of time required for secretaries to type up letters and notes.

As a result, Heatherlands Partner Dr Ivan Camphor decided to investigate a completely different approach and look for a digital workflow solution.

Best-In-Class Recording

Following advice from VoicePower, Dr Camphor opted for the Philips SpeechMike Premium USB dictation microphone. Designed to deliver amazing crystal clear sound quality, the microphone in the SpeechMike Premium incorporates several novel components.

These ensure that virtually no background noises are recorded, as well as filtering out pops and hiss, even when dictating closely into the microphone. Outstanding speech recognition results are guaranteed – an important requirement for Dr Camphor.

The SpeechMike Premium is the world’s first stationary digital dictation tool with an integrated motion sensor.

This detects when the device is placed on a table and automatically mutes the microphone until it is picked up again, allowing intuitive use during a patient consultation.

“It’s so much easier to multitask with this digital device – for example opening a report file from a patient profile just by using my SpeechMike Premium. I don’t know what I would do without it.”Dr Camphor

The SpeechMike Premium is ergonomically shaped, with an optimised control panel and the antimicrobial housing and buttons protect against a wide range of microorganisms found in a clinical environment.




Continuity of Care

The SpeechMike Premium is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems and integrates seamlessly with the practice’s EMIS clinical software.

Dr Camphor is, therefore, able to open a Microsoft Word document from a patient profile using his SpeechMike Premium, making it quick and simple to refer to reports while dictating.

Using Dragon Medical software in conjunction with the SpeechMike Premium enables important details to be recorded during a consultation, without any need for typing.

As well as saving the GP time it means that continuity of care can be improved as full information is available for nurses or clinicians when the patient revisits the surgery.

Overall, the SpeechMike Premium and speech recognition software are saving time and money, as well as facilitating enhanced patient care at Heatherlands Medical Centre, and the Philips digital solution will be introduced throughout the surgery.

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