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International Zoo Vet Group Say Veterinary Voice Recognition Is Outstanding!

Thanks to the support and training from VoicePower, Dr Daniela Denk and the rest of the team are reaping the benefits of Dragon Medical speech recognition.

  • The largest full-time freelance zoological veterinary practice in the world.
  • IZVG Pathology was set up in 2003.
  • Provide a specialised anatomic pathology service (post-mortem examinations and histopathology) in exotic species.
  • Find a solution which is time and cost-effective.
  • Improve case turnaround times.
  • Create free time for other practice duties.
  • Dragon assists in the complete dictation of pathology reports.
  • Dragon also operates Microsoft Office and dictates abstracts and papers.
  • Huge increase in productivity.
  • Improved turnaround time for cases.

What Does Dr Daniela Denk Think of Dragon Voice Recognition?


Daniela joined the practice in March 2011. After graduating from the Veterinary School of Munich University, Germany in 2006.

“I have been using Dragon Medical for several years now and honestly cannot imagine working without it anymore! It has made a massive impact on my way of reading a slide, productivity and case turnaround times.” – Dr Denk

Furthermore, Daniela admits:

“I am a fast speaker, yet Dragon keeps up with me and the accuracy is excellent – especially if the tools to train Dragon are employed regularly.” – Dr Denk

Most noteworthy, Daniela puts their success down to our specialist training: “Thanks to the support and training at VoicePower, I can create my commands, which are growing almost daily. Ultimately, this enables me to insert commonly used text phrases rapidly and consistently.”

The IZVG team are getting the most out of their software as Daniela tells us:

“Not only do I use Dragon to dictate pathology reports from start to finish, but I also use it to operate Microsoft Office and to dictate abstracts and papers.” – Dr Denk








Why VoicePower?


“The support provided by VoicePower, under their support contract, is consistently outstanding.” Happy with the service, Daniela confirms “I haven’t yet encountered any problems that were not solved in a timely fashion.”

“Dragon is an invaluable tool that I would recommend without reservation.” – Dr Denk

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