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Nuance Dragon Medical “Enabled Me to Work” says Public Health Nurse

Julie lives with Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder that can affect any part of the body. She was looking for technology to help her manage her health condition in the workplace. That’s where VoicePower stepped in.

  • Julie is a Specialist Public Health Nurse at an NHS Trust in the North of England.
  • Her job involves identifying the health needs of children, working with the family and allied professionals to meet those needs and improving outcomes in their health and well-being.
  • Julie has a health condition called Dystonia that makes doing her daily tasks physically painful – even using a keyboard and mouse became extremely uncomfortable.
  • She needed an alternative way of capturing documentation that wasn’t painful.
  • VoicePower advised and assisted with the deployment of Nuance Dragon Medical.
  • Julie used Dragon for the creation of patient records, assessments, emails, report writing, and letters.
  • As a result, she was able to continue working whilst managing the pain and contributing to her team.

Putting Health First

VoicePower already works with the NHS Trust that Julie works for to boost their productivity, VoicePower is also experienced in using speech recognition to empower those with assistive needs.

Working as a Public Health Nurse, Julie takes pride in identifying the health needs of others and works hard to improve their outcomes.

However, living with Dystonia herself, a neurological movement disorder that can affect any part of the body, Julie was looking for technology to help her manage her health condition in the workplace.

“I needed an alternative way of documentation that didn’t impact my fine motor skills i.e., writing and using a keyboard and mouse as this caused me pain.”Julie, Public Health Nurse

Luckily, she came to the right place, and the VoicePower team were on hand to find the perfect fit.


Harnessing The Power of Speech

The most important step for VoicePower when working with a new client is taking the time to understand their requirements and goals. So, the team took the time to understand what is important to Julie and what she needs.

“VoicePower were informative and understanding of my unique needs” – Julie, Public Health Nurse

After looking into Julie’s job responsibilities and how they impact her physical needs, the VoicePower team recommended Nuance Dragon Medical – a speciality speech recognition software.

Supporting Julie from installation to training and ongoing support queries, VoicePower ensured that she had everything she needed to empower her at work.

“I used Dragon to create patient records, assessments, emails, report writing, and letters. The benefits of using Dragon were immediate. The accuracy improved as my profile built, and this was made more so by the time and support invested from VoicePower.” – Julie, Public Health Nurse

It wasn’t long before Julie really began to see the benefits of using Nuance Dragon Medical for her professional admin work:

“Dragon was the reason that I was able to continue working. I was able to manage the pain better whilst working and contributing within a team.” – Julie, Public Health Nurse



Experience Pays Off

One thing that Julie consistently highlights whilst reflecting on her speech recognition journey is the support she received from her supplier.

“The transitional period was made easier with the help of VoicePower’s technicians: Matt, Paul, and Liam. I was able to ring them for advice which they would talk me through or connect externally to my computer to rectify the problem, allowing me to continue my work for that day. They provided initial training which was face-to-face informative and professional. They were friendly and approachable and there was no such thing as a daft question… And I asked a lot!” – Julie, Public Health Nurse

We strongly believe that Julie reaped the benefits of the software that she did down to the fact that she appreciated the importance of expert opinion and knowledge.

For many speech technology users, the involvement of suppliers like VoicePower is the difference between a successful deployment or not. For Julie, her dedication was repaid tenfold in her ability to continue working.

“The members of the technical team were helpful over the years. Nothing was too much trouble and they always got back to me with a phone call or email. I will always speak highly of VoicePower and would recommend this service to other professionals.” – Julie, Public Health Nurse


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