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SpeechLive Dictation Helps Ison Harrison Through COVID19

We caught up with IT Manager, Adrian Baker, to talk about their transition to their Philips SpeechLive dictation system.

  • A fast-growing legal firm with over 200 staff and 15 offices throughout Yorkshire.
  • Offer a wide range of services from criminal, family, employment and immigration law.
  • Whilst using their old system, the team were encountering difficulties with the coordination of dictations and transcriptions between the solicitors and admin staff.
  • The previous setup was very clunky which introduced large processing delays and limitations on who could use the service.
  • Ison Harrison wanted something that was flexible and would accommodate their staff working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Yorkshire legal firm has over 70 of its employees using the Philips SpeechLive dictation system.
  • They saved costs on hardware by using the voice recorder app on their smartphones.
  • The team are happily able to work from home and the office thanks to the flexibility of SpeechLive.

About Ison Harrison

Ison Harrison Solicitors is a regional law firm based in Yorkshire. Their growth from one office in Leeds to over 15 offices within the county has given them their title as “The Yorkshire Law Firm.”

Over the past 40 years, the firm has grown from a single solicitor to what is now a business employing over 200 staff specialising in criminal, family, employment, and immigration law to name a few!

We caught up with IT Manager, Adrian Baker, to talk about their transition to their Philips SpeechLive dictation system.

The Old “Clunky” Workflow Just Wasn’t Working

Before they reached out to VoicePower Ltd, Ison Harrison was using a software-based system to process their documentation.

The software was meant to help their fee earners and typists exchange and process dictation files, instead, it created problems, as Adrian explains:

Furthermore, Adrian expressed that the old system often didn’t do as it was meant to:

Lastly, the legal firm found that this workflow was limiting their flexibility as it didn’t allow them to work from home – As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the team knew they had to do something, and quickly!

speechlive dictation

Swapping to SpeechLive Dictation

After identifying that they needed a new workflow solution, Ison Harrison approached digital dictation experts: VoicePower Ltd. Having worked alongside the legal sector for over 20 years, VoicePower were able to offer workflow consultancy based on the firm’s requirements.

After a workflow assessment and meetings to understand Ison Harrisons as a whole, VoicePower recommended the SpeechLive dictation system by Philips.

SpeechLive is a web-based dictation hub whereby users can capture and upload dictation files to be reviewed and processed by their colleagues.

Being cloud-based meant that SpeechLive was perfect for Ison Harrison as it could be accessed anywhere, solving their remote-working dilemma with their old solution.

All staff members can check the status of work at any time, allowing them to better communicate with their clients, and improve customer responsiveness.

What’s more, thanks to the Philips SpeechLive app, the firm saved money on microphones and dictaphones for capturing their notes as they could simply use their smartphone.

As an additional on-demand functionality, both authors and transcriptionists can use SpeechLive’s speech recognition service, where the audio files are automatically converted into text with near-perfect accuracy, saving even more time.

speechlive dictation

Reaping The Benefits

All of Ison Harrison’s dictation users are now using SpeechLive, with the previous desk-bound software solution completely retired. The need for email recordings, which posed an issue for data protection, has been removed.

Most authors are using the smartphone app, allowing them to work from wherever they happen to be, plus a handful of users who have opted for a handheld device. Like the authors, transcription staff can work remotely from any location.

As for which functionalities of SpeechLive have led to the most positive feedback from staff, Adrian points out:

Ison Harrison is now benefiting from an effective cloud dictation solution that supports remote working and best-in-class virtual collaboration.SpeechLive is GDPR compliant, as all data stored in its platform is encrypted, backed up, secure and available to the firm’s staff at all

Philips Partner VoicePower provided great support to Ison Harrison with a fast setup and usage advice.

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