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The Berkeley Clinic Embrace Dental Technology: Dragon Speech Recognition

Greig McLean, a valued employee and Implant Dentist, explains the importance of dental technology and their journey to speech recognition.

  • The Berkeley Clinic is a private dental clinic based in Glasgow with 7 dentists and 2 therapists.
  • They provide a number of aesthetic, cosmetic, restorative and medical treatments.
  • The clinic processes approximately 9000 patients per year.
  • The team were hand-typing all clinical documentation which was taking up a considerable amount of their time.
  • The dentists are now using a new dental technology: Dragon Medical speech recognition.
  • The new workflow has “completely changed” working life at The Berkeley Clinic.
  • Dental records are more accurate and detailed.

About The Berkeley Clinic

Based in Glasgow, The Berkeley Clinic is a private dental practice that consists of 7 dentists and 2 therapists.

The award-winning practice offers a range of aesthetic, cosmetic, restorative and medical treatments such as teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, crowns and facial rejuvenation.

The team offers these treatments and an outstanding service to approximately 9000 patients per year.

We caught up with valued employee and Implant Dentist, Greig McLean to find out more about embracing new dental technology and their journey to speech recognition.

Tedious Typing was Taking Over

As with any healthcare organisation, The Berkeley Clinic create patient notes and other forms of clinical documentation daily.

Alongside The System for Dentists patient management system, Dr McLean and his team were using a pretty basic system to capture clinical documentation:

As well as being incredibly time-consuming, staff at the clinic found that the admin/reporting aspect of their job was eating into their personal life too with many of the team taking notes home with them to complete.

Evidently, this put pressure on the team and meant that they did not have a healthy work-life balance.

In fact, the team were even taking work home with them to finish which would eat into their evenings and private time.

Dr McLean and his team decided that enough was enough and began their search for new dental technology to improve their workflow process – That’s when they reached out to workflow consultancy experts: VoicePower Ltd.

VoicePower has been working closely with the healthcare sector for over 20 years and has helped pathologists, oncologists, GPs and many more to implement a new documentation process.

Drawing on their experience in the field, VoicePower took time to understand The Berkeley Clinic’s current issues as well as the objectives that they would like their new workflow to achieve.

Following many discussions, it was agreed that Dragon Medical would be the best option for the dental practice.



Dragon Medical – The Impact

This particular version of Dragon is perfect for Dr McLean and his colleagues because it has a dental vocabulary which can be selected during set-up. This means that common dental terminology and language context are already built-in to the software. This ensures amazing accuracy from the onset.

As a full-circle supplier, VoicePower not only provided the clinic with software and hardware but also technical assistance in terms of installation and set-up.

The support didn’t end there as VoicePower’s Nuance Accredited trainers led 1-2-1 training for The Berkeley Clinic team teaching them everything they need to know about Dragon.

Dr McLean confirms that the investment was worth it as he expresses:

Gone are the days of manually typing all patient information and correspondence. Thanks to the Dragon Medical auto-text feature the team is speeding through documentation and updates to The System for Dentists case management.

However, it’s not just the speed that has been improved with the new workflow, as Dr McLean explains:

At VoicePower, we understand that the safety of patient data is paramount and that’s why all of our speech technology solutions are fully encrypted – Dragon Medical Practice Edition included.

Equally, information that has been dictated relating to The Berkeley Clinic is also fully secure and Dragon itself is also GDPR compliant.



The Key to Great Results

The Berkeley Clinic’s success with speech recognition dental technology wasn’t just down to the accuracy of the software but to their forward-thinking attitude and trust in their suppliers.

Dr McLean and the rest of the team took VoicePower’s advice and guaranteed excellent results by enrolling in the training course and technical support package.

Additionally, Dr McLean praised the remote training that they received from VoicePower from the comfort of their own desk:

The Dragon training course is personalised to each user and how they want to use the software. Furthermore, the trainers teach the users valuable tasks such as commands, dictation etiquette and much more.

Speaking on their experience as a whole, Dr McLean summarises their transition to speech recognition:

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