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When you are using Dragon Medical One by Nuance Communications, you might find that the text does not transfer into specific text fields.

If this is happening to you, our engineers recommend trying this simple fix…

Text Transfer Method

If DMO not transferring text, go to the Text Input settings under Options in your DMO settings. Select “Press Ctrl+V” as shown in the example below.

This is often all that is needed in order to prevent DMO not transferring text into specific fields – so simple! Give it a try.

As you are experiencing the above issue, it would suggest that you are using The Dictation Box. If so, there is a way to around using this feature and to enable dictation directly into the application.

It’s called Basic Text Control and here is how to activate it…

Enable Basic Text Control

Basic Text Control is a DMO feature that means only basic speech recognition functionality is supported, without the ability to navigate, edit or format the text using your voice.

Try enabling the Basic Text Control option as shown in the screenshot above. You will now have the basic requirements of dictating into the text field, without the advanced Dragon capabilities which may be preventing direct dictation.

The ring around the Dragon microphone icon indicates that you have enabled Basic Text Control.

Still no luck?

Have you tried the above and you are still having issues? Don’t worry! There are other, more advanced, techniques that we can try for you.

However, you will need an engineer for these further investigations as access to DMO’s back-end is required.

Give our support team a call on 01423 649 077 and let them know you have come from this blog.

dmo not transferring text

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