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EMIS Web is one of the UK’s most popular electronic patient record systems.

The EMIS software is primarily used in primary and acute care meaning it has a key role in the functioning of many hospitals and general practices all over the country.

Through working alongside the NHS and healthcare industry as a whole for over twenty years, we’re no strangers to the EMIS clinical system.

In fact, Dragon speech recognition is fully compatible with EMIS, so we work with it a lot.

There are two medical versions of speech recognition:

Between these two versions, we have helped many of our clients boost productivity and efficiency by using Dragon and EMIS alongside one another.

EMIS clinical system/ patient record system

What Can Dragon and EMIS Achieve Together?

Ultimately, Dragon allows users to complete the same tasks and duties as before, but just that little bit quicker.

Here are some examples of what Dragon can help you with:

  • Recording patient consultations.
  • Creating referral letters.
  • Create and respond to tasks.
  • Navigate the software by voice.
  • Create custom commands to complete repetitive tasks.

The software has improved the quality of life of our GP’s, it was a good investment for the practice.Elaine Turner, East Parade Surgery.

We could go on about the benefits and uses of Dragon and the EMIS clinical system all day, but we figured it would just be easier to show you.

This is one of our clients using Dragon Medical One and EMIS together…

I’m sure you’ll agree, after seeing Dragon and the EMIS clinical system in action, it’s easy to see how they are benefitting healthcare practices.

Benefits of Dragon Medical speech recognition include:

  • Financial savings – One of our clients saved £15,000 in 12 months!
  • Time savings – If used correctly alongside correct training, up to one hour per day can be saved!
  • Quicker turnaround times.
  • Improved patient experience – Consultations are documented in a more timely manner, sometimes whilst the patient is still in the room, leading to person-centred care and detailed documentation.
  • Improved staff well-being – Doctors can enjoy an efficiently managed workflow, prevent burnout and go home on time!

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