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  • Reduced letter turnaround times
  • No more outsourced transcription fees
  • Improved patient care
  • Better staff well-being = Reduction in burnout
  • A more efficient service

These are all things that users of Dragon Medical One speech recognition software have reported.

Naturally, when we discuss this with prospects, one of their first questions is: “What does Dragon Medical One cost?” and that’s where we can help. More often than not, for healthcare organisations (especially the NHS!), pricing is one of the most important factors to consider when exploring new technologies.

However, what organisations don’t consider when budgeting is the long-term financial gain that speech recognition will return on their investment.

Not sold yet? Ok, let’s take a look at the upfront cost to set up 8 users and then the cost savings accrued by 8 users over 12 months.

Dragon Medical One Upfront Cost for 12 months

  • Dragon Medical One license: £600 +VAT per year, per user.
  • Training and 12 months of unlimited technical support with VoicePower: £345 +VAT.
  • Andrea Communications headset: £47.25 +VAT.

Total upfront cost for one user = £992.25 ex VAT.

Total upfront cost for all 8 users: £7,938 ex VAT.

Dragon Medical One 12-Month Savings – Real Client Data

The following statistics have been taken from an existing VoicePower Client that has 8 users. It is an NHS Trust in the North of England with users across the Dermatology and Histopathology departments.

This particular NHS Trust’s 8 users saved 2,042 hours in 12 months.

Based on the average hourly rate of an NHS Doctor* of £35, the users have saved a whopping £71,470 on time savings alone.

Making the 12-month total net profit: £63,532!

So, the next time you are thinking about investing in new technology, don’t just focus on the initial cost but also the financial gain the software will incur.

If you and your organisation would benefit from productivity, efficiency and cost savings, then try Dragon Medical One speech recognition free for 7 days. Witness the savings for yourself!

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