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Dragon Professional Anywhere is the market’s latest, most accurate professional version of speech recognition. Hosted securely in the Cloud, within the UK, and bundled with a smartphone app,  this version is any professional’s must-have technology.

You will have unrestricted use of both the desktop and mobile versions so that you can get a real idea of how they really work and their incredible accuracy. Our support engineers will be on hand to help you with the installation, integration with your favourite applications and anything else you may need.

One week is all you will need to realise how much Dragon will boost your productivity and how much time and money it will save you!

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What Our Users Say

“We use Dragon Professional Anywhere for almost all of our document production including emails, letters, draft documents, file notes and form filling. I would never go back to any other form of dictation or touch typing.”

Simon Quantrills, Principal Solicitor,
Quantrills Solicitors.

Watch DPA in action in this short video:

Trial Options

Option 1: Free Trial

This is the 7-day trial mentioned above and our most popular option. We require no payment, our IT team will provide the license and set it up for you. The purpose of this Dragon proof of concept is simply to allow you to see how good the accuracy is and how it could work within your workflow.

Option 2: Fully Serviced Pilot

The key to a successful trial of speech recognition is appreciating the necessity for expert guidance to get the most out of the solution. This option is a 30-day, paid-for pilot.

  • 1-2-1 remote training to teach you the basics and personalise the software to your workflow
  • Set up shortcuts and further automation to speed you up even further
  • Access to training material to refer back to during the pilot period
  • Benchmarking to understand what are the success criteria
  • Technical support, for end users and IT personnel throughout the pilot period
  • Weekly usage statistics supplied
  • End of pilot review meeting and usage statistic analysis (we can also help prepare information to support business cases for return on investment)
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