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With 99% accuracy, it’s rare that Dragon speech recognition software will make a spelling mistake.

But just in case, we’ve created a simple step-by-step guide to correct those spelling mistakes.

With no jargon or technical terminology, these instructions will prevent a small error from having a huge impact – and most importantly, keep you working!

The Error

So you’re dictating into your microphone and you spot a spelling mistake on the screen.

For the sake of this blog, that error will be our company name, which Dragon has typed as ‘voice power limited’.

Now, at first glance, this may not seem like a spelling error; but as in the case of our business, we present the words differently. For example, we join the first two words to make one.

Each letter at the beginning of these words is also capitalized and ‘limited’ is usually abbreviated. Ultimately, we would like Dragon to print ‘VoicePower Ltd’ when we say ‘voice power limited’.

Therefore, we need to make a spelling correction.

The Resolution

In order to correct this spelling mistake and train Dragon to know this spelling, we would follow these steps…


Say aloud and into your microphone “Correct” followed by the word you wish to correct.

So in this instance, we would say “correct voice power limited”. At which point Dragon would highlight the dictated word.


Upon saying this command, Dragon will bring up a list of suggested words.

These will be words that are variations of the text you wish to correct.

This may be anything from similar-sounding words or the different ways in which the text can be spelt.

If the word that you want Dragon to type is one of these options, you simply say “choose” followed by the number of the option you wish to select.

So, if you wanted to select the second option, you would say “choose two”.


If the phrase you’re aiming for doesn’t appear in the suggested list, you say “Spell that”, Dragon will bring up a box for you to type or dictate the desired spelling into.

So, in my instance, I could type ‘VoicePower Ltd’ into the box with my keyboard or, I could say aloud “no-space on, voice power, cap that.” This will print ‘VoicePower’.

Then say “no-space off” and then “l t d cap that”, which will print ‘Ltd’.

That’s it! Three easy steps to correct spelling mistakes with Dragon voice recognition.

Don’t forget, Dragon remembers every correction you make; meaning you won’t have to correct the same mistake again!

Make sure you’re making the most out of Dragon voice commands by downloading our FREE command cheat sheet.

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