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Things to take away from this article:

  • Olympus Dictation software helps you to quickly capture notes, letters, emails and other types of documentation.
  • You can send dictations to your secretary or typist within seconds.
  • You can also categorise jobs in order of urgency.

The Workflow Breakdown

As experts in dictation, we understand that not everyone has our knowledge.

We appreciate that new technology can be overwhelming and confusing. So, let’s break down the video you just watched…

The doctor was using the Olympus Dictation Management System; this is software whereby dictations can be created, sent and transcribed.

Additionally, he was using an Olympus RecMic fixed handheld microphone in order to capture his dictation.

Lastly, the doctor was using Dragon speech recognition which is integrated into the Olympus Dictation software; this means that he doesn’t have to get his secretary to physically type up his dictation.

In fact, it’s pretty much ready to go!

This workflow is a matter of preference, there are many ways that an Olympus Dictation workflow can be altered to suit the users.

Olympus dictation software

Perfect for Medical Environments

As demonstrated in the video above, Olympus Dictation software is an excellent tool for GPs, Doctors and healthcare professionals alike.

ODMS allows you to dictate your findings immediately after a consultation whilst the information is fresh in your mind.

Ultimately allowing for precise, detailed and accurate documentation and most importantly, an efficient and quick patient experience.

Safe and Secure

The medical sector is known for its hesitation to embrace new technology.

And we understand this, analogue tapes are familiar, they have been used for years and the prospect of changing the process can be daunting.

However, this process is not safe.

Patient’s sensitive and confidential information is not guarded on tapes, in fact, it’s the opposite.

Olympus Dictation software is a fully encrypted service, meaning, audio files are transferred securely.

You don’t have to worry about the transit of the tapes and sensitive data.

The Olympus system allows dictations to be sent from anywhere, without the need to physically return to the practice or trust.

Olympus dictation software

Change Management

If you think Olympus Dictation software could be beneficial in your practice or trust, or you have a few questions, we’re more than happy to help.

We’d love to show you the software first-hand via a remote demonstration and discuss any queries you have.

Most importantly, we’re not your average technology company. We’re not going to give you the software and disappear off into the sunset.

We have a dedicated technical team to help with installations and teething problems.

Furthermore, our training services mean that you have the power of knowledge and understand the software’s functionality and capability – you’re in charge of your own workflow.

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