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We’re not going to beat around the bush – the main objective for any business owner is to make money, right?

So, why when it comes to investing money in order to develop the business and improve profit, are there so many reservations?

As a company ourselves and one that works closely with the likes of the NHS, we fully understand the consciousness needed when spending money.

In fact, in a recent study, 70% of GP practice managers said that funding was a key challenge when implementing new technology.

However, our goal is to improve the productivity of your business – which, of course, isn’t going to come for free.

And so, this brings us nicely to one of the biggest barriers that we face as suppliers and trainers of high-tech speech technology – money!

‘We’re so impressed with the product, but we just don’t have the funding’ – sound familiar? So, let’s alter the perspective…

The Bigger Picture

When discussing our solutions with clients, we try to encourage them to look at the bigger picture. Yes, that figure may seem scary, but in the long run, you will have:

  • Saved time – at least one hour per day
  • Saved money
  • A much more efficient and productive business
  • Less stressed staff
  • Improved customer service

Are these not the second, third and fourth aims within a business after making a profit? But how do we do it?

Delivering Returns on Investments Since 1993

At VoicePower, we pride ourselves on results, and for our clients, speech recognition brings the best results.

Following making an investment in speech recognition and VoicePower support, many of our clients saw excellent outcomes.

PGS Law saw 80% of secretary typing time released. This astounding statistic meant that Mr Wood’s team had a lot of new-found free time.

The secretaries utilized this time by focusing on client-facing jobs; ultimately leading to an improved and more personal client experience.

Happy clients = returning clients which means a return on investment for PGS Law.

Thomson Hayton Winkley shop front

Thomson Hayton Winkley solicitors also invested in Dragon speech recognition.

They said that since using the software, ‘fee earners respond to and carry out tasks independently‘.

“Using Dragon resulted in a quicker and generally improved service

Thomson Hayton Winkley

So, not only has this firm joined PGS Law in providing excellent service, but they are also completing jobs quicker.

Through dictating their own emails and other documents, the fee earners have now created free time to process more billable work.

The speed at which they can process this work enables time to process even more work.

Free time = new customers and additional work which means a return on investment for Thomson Hayton Winkley.

Man in office holds a piece of paper and a smartphone. He is dictating into it.

Transform Your Business

Fundamentally, purchases of VoicePower products pay for themselves within the first year of use. As suppliers of Dragon speech recognition, we are providers of the most accurate and highly rated solution.

The NHS actually have a section in their guidelines report that state trusts should focus on the full value of medical devices, not the upfront cost. A responsible and effective way to approach investment.

At 99% accuracy and highly intelligent, it is no wonder that our clients are doing so and never looking back.

And with VoicePower technical support, we guarantee that you will get the most out of your investment.

What do you think? Do investments pay off for your business? Or, is a tight wallet the way forward?

If you are interested in making money and finding out more about our solutions, get in touch today.

We are happy to supply quotes and discuss the workflow solution that is best for your business. We’d love to hear from you.

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