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Technology is more than a productivity tool for some, it is a lifeline, their independence. When VoicePower was founded over 25 years ago, bringing technology to those that really needed it was at the foundation and it still is. We are a proud sponsor of the Access To Work scheme and therefore offer a discounted price on our accessibility training packages. Here are our accessibility products and services in one place.

Ready To Take Accessibility Seriously?

Accessibility is a non-negotiable for every organisation. Every employee has the right to the support that they need to reach their full potential in the workplace.

Our Accessibility Consultancy Service gives employers a professional to call on and review all of their processes with inclusion in mind.

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“Dragon was the reason that I was able to continue working. I was able to manage the pain better whilst working and contributing within a team.” - Julie, Public Health Nurse


"Dragon software was a game changer for my Dyslexia as I can articulate myself far better through speaking than I can writing or typing." - Thomas McCready, Student