Digital Dictation Systems

Spend less time on admin, be better connected with your colleagues and have accurate business documentation with digital dictation. We have a number of digital dictation systems that link professionals to their secretaries/admin teams effortlessly. The time for analogue tapes and one-finger typing has passed, let us help you boost your productivity!

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Looking for Hardware Too?

If you are looking at digital dictation systems, you’ll need hardware as well. We have an excellent variety of high-quality voice recorders, headsets, foot pedals and more.

Save time and energy by getting your software and hardware from the same place!

Our Hardware Range


“Moving to SpeechLive was the easiest transition I have done in 20 years! It was very smooth with no issues at all really.”


“We have 16 authors and 14 typists using the Olympus system. The quality of the audio is fantastic.”