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Unleash your VoicePower

Speech recognition software allows you to speak into your computer using a headset or microphone and the words will appear on your screen. Every person can speak 3x faster than they can type, and at 180 words per minute, speech recognition is a great tool to speed up your documentation. Less time typing = Improved workflow and happier clients.

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3x faster than typing

Speaking comes naturally, so why not embrace it in the workplace? Speak your emails, notes, reports and more in record speed (180 words per minute to be precise!).

Hands-free working

Built-in and custom voice commands allow you to operate your computer hands-free. Features such as these make it a great accessibility tool for RSI, physical disabilities, and injuries.

Accurate & easy to use

With one-click installation and 95% accuracy off the bat, you’ll be up and running in minutes. The more you use Dragon, the more it learns your voice and the accuracy improves.

A version for all

Whether you’re a Pathologist or Surveyor, there is a version for everyone! Our experts take the time to understand your job and IT requirements to recommend the most suitable version.

Knowledge is power

Buying Dragon without training is like paying for a gym membership, never going but still expecting to lose weight. The insight that our trainers provide is the difference between a successful roll-out and a wasted investment. If you want a ROI, to save time and to clear your backlogs, training is vital.

Integration into your workflow

For maximum efficiency and ease, Dragon integrates with popular applications including Microsoft Office applications, patient record systems, CRM systems and more! Enjoy the benefits throughout your entire workflow.

Try It Free and See!

Reading about the benefits of speech recognition is one thing, but sometimes you need to see it to believe it! That’s why we offer free 7-day trials on all versions of Dragon speech recognition.

You will have unrestricted use of a Dragon license for a week as well as support from our engineers to get set up and answer any queries you have throughout the trial.

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Gloucestershire NHS Dermatology “would be drowning” without Dragon Medical


Quantrills Solicitors “couldn’t work without” Dragon Anywhere