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With 110,192 vacant job roles within the NHS, it has never been more important to ensure that the existing staff have the best support and resources possible.

We are huge advocates for technology being that lifeline to help NHS staff to get through these trying times and the new NHS Investment and Impact Fund is an exciting new initiative that could help you to fund it.

Created especially for Primary Care Networks, here is everything you need to know about this PCN funding scheme and most importantly, how to access it.

About the Investment and Impact Fund

The main goal in offering this funding is to help PCN’s to deliver high-quality care and to help meet the objectives outlined in the NHS’s Long-Term Plan. To achieve this the Investment and Impact Fund is broken down into three different domains:

  • Improving health and saving lives
  • Improving the quality of life for those with multiple health issues or illnesses
  • To help make the NHS more sustainable

The scheme makes suggestions as to how the above objectives will be achieved such as improving medicine safety and increasing referrals to social prescribing services.

Dr Gandalf talks through the scheme in more detail here:

The details

This PCN funding scheme is running from the 1st of April 2022 to the 31st of March 2023 and is worth up to £260 million.

Primary care providers and users of the scheme will be paid according to their performance in the financial year. The scheme will determine this performance based on the three domains listed above.

Sounds great right? All you have to do to utilise this amazing scheme is to approach your PCN for more information.

Using your PCN funding for speech recognition

Now you are in the know, your thoughts are probably turning to how the money could be used within your practice. Allow us to offer some insight…

81% of respondents in a recent healthcare survey confirmed that clinical documentation is a significant contributor to burnout. Burnt-out staff equals unhappy staff which leads to those job vacancies we mentioned above.

Quicker and easier documentation processes would mean staff can get through their workload with less stress and have more time to focus on other areas of their role.

It’s for this reason that speech recognition would be an outstanding use of the PCN funding from the NHS Investment and Impact scheme; More specifically, Dragon Medical One, which is completely tailored to healthcare use.

Why Dragon Medical One?

  • Has an in-built medical vocabulary which can be specified through various sub-genre options i.e. nursing
  • Compatible with most patient record systems including EMIS and SystmOne
  • Allows users to put words on screen 3x faster than typing with approximately 180 words per minute
  • Cloud-hosted to improve the flexibility of use for the likes of hot desking and remote working

What do our primary care clients have to say about Dragon Medical?

“For telephone consultations, there was a 17% saving using Dragon. For face-to-face consultations, there was a saving of 46% per consultation”

Dr Harness, Glenpark Medical Practice.

“Dragon frees up time for our secretaries to focus on the referral processes and manage these more effectively for the benefit of patients.”

Dr Back, Balmore Park Surgery.

Utilise your investment

We understand that what you spend your PCN funding on is vital and has to have a measurable return on investment. So to provide you with added reassurance, we are offering a 7-day free trial and a 30-day pilot so that you can try the power of speech recognition for yourself.

What’s more, with these pilots we are able to track your usage and provide statistics and analytics so that you can measure the impact that the technology is having within your practice.

Are you ready to make a start?

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