How CABOLO® Works


Place the multi-directional microphone device in the middle of the room and begin your meeting.


The device will record the audio, feed it back to the web-based software on your computer or smartphone and automatically transcribe the document.


You will then have an audio file along with a complete document containing your meeting transcription attached to the various speakers. Alterations can be made to the document during and following the meeting and it can be exported via a PDF, MS Word or XML for effective record-keeping and distribution.

Key Benefits of Cabolo

Acknowledges Multiple Speakers

Cabolo creates full meeting transcription documents with multiple speakers via its conversational artificial intelligence technology.


Works On and Offline

We know what a pain it can be connecting to the internet within public sector organisations; That is why Wi-Fi connectivity isn’t an issue with Cabolo – You can complete meeting transcription files whilst completely offline.


Device Flexibility

Cabolo’s transcription facility isn’t limited to its own device, the web-based engine can transcribe any audio file.

For example, you could capture a recording on a dictaphone, import it into the Cabolo engine and the technology would create the hard document – Handy right?


Fully Secure

Cabolo does not store or process transcriptions meaning that your data and confidential information will never be compromised.


Data Mining

Users can search through existing transcripts for specific keywords; For example, say a police officer wanted to search an interview meeting transcription document for the word ‘theft’, they would be able to do that very easily with Cabolo.


Virtual Transcription

With the popularity of remote working, Cabolo was designed to transcribe virtual meetings too, so wherever your team are your meetings will be recorded as normal.



As well as being an effective documentation tool, Cabolo will also guarantee the inclusion of your entire team.

Whether down to deafness, learning difficulties or another disability, it ensures that everyone is included in meetings and their contents.

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