About Dragon Anywhere Mobile

DAM is a smartphone app that comes with the Dragon Professional Anywhere desktop app. It means your productivity isn’t confined to the office, in fact, you can take Dragon anywhere with you – be it on a client visit, in the car or at home.


Dragon Anywhere Mobile has the same functionality as its desktop relative including dictation in real-time, using voice commands, and inserting auto-text. It also syncs with the desktop version so that you have the same voice profile and all of your settings are the same.


Simply dictate and send it to yourself to check over at a later time, to your secretary or directly to the recipient.


DAM can be used for:

  • Composing and replying to emails.
  • Creating reports and contracts.
  • Case management notes.
  • Property valuations or listings.
  • Legal attendance notes and billable work.
  • Financial advice.
  • Accountancy reports.

Watch DAM In Action

Dragon Anywhere Mobile app can be used on IOS or Android and is super easy to use.

Our clients love its incredible accuracy, simple voice editing and that it allows you to share documents easily. Let us show you…