Why Dragon Legal Anywhere?

You’re probably thinking ‘What makes this version different to the others?’, in which case, we can answer that.


Dragon Legal Anywhere has the same incredible speech recognition engine that achieves 99% accuracy out of the box, it still has the ability to integrate within your existing workflow due to its compatibility with Microsoft applications, most case management systems and more.


In terms of what distinguishes it from the rest of the Dragon fleet, there are a few new features, including:


Intelligent Legal Vocabulary

Where you would have to input sector-specific terminology into other versions of Dragon, Dragon Legal Anywhere has an in-built legal vocabulary and knows when to capitalise specific words. For instance, it knows you’ll need ‘Defendant’ to have a capital ‘D’.


OSCALA Reference Guide

This new version of Dragon will also make referencing less tedious and much quicker with its built-in OSCALA functionality – a frequently used referencing guide within the legal practice. With simple commands (and a bit of training!) users will be able to reference with ease!


Understanding of Latin and French Terms

The Latin and French languages are a key part of practising law, which is why Dragon Legal Anywhere has been created to understand and recognise phrases of this kind.

The Same High-Quality with A Legal Twist

As well as these helpful new features, the legal version also has some of the same, trusted features from other Dragon versions, such as:


Hosting Flexibility

Dragon Legal Anywhere is available through cloud or on-premise hosting to ensure flexibility and freedom to its users; No matter your IT setup, there is an option for you. However, if you would like to host the software on your own server (on-premise) you must purchase 20 or more licences.

The cloud offering also has the same easy and instantaneous download with the one-click installation feature meaning you can be up and running in no time.


Usage Analytics and Statistics

This new version also allows for alongside use of the Nuance User Management Centre to track progress, usage and manage licences across the business. This is extremely helpful for monitoring the return on investment throughout a firm.

DLA also provides valuable insight when we conduct pilots with legal firms before rolling out the technology, it lets them see the use and calculate the returns, thus supporting business cases for subsequent rollouts across the organisation.


Workflow Integration

As with most versions of Dragon, the legal version is also compatible with most applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook as well as Google Chrome, and most case management systems.


Fully Secure and GDPR-Compliant

As always, the location of cloud hosting and compliance with GDPR is massively important, particularly for our legal customers. All of the Nuance Dragon cloud speech recognition solutions, including Dragon Legal Anywhere, are fully secure (hosted in the UK) and compliant with GDPR meaning that your and your client’s data is completely safe.


Voice Recognition on The Go with the Mobile App

Dragon Legal Anywhere also comes with free use of the Dragon Anywhere Mobile app allowing professionals to continue working no matter where they are. Furthermore, the app syncs with your PC voice profile for seamless use and a transferrable workflow. Watch as we create an attendance note in 2 minutes.