Why Healthcare Staff Loves DMO

In-Built Medical Vocabulary

Dragon Medical One is up to speed on medical lingo with various sub-genres including Pathology, General Practice and Radiology. No longer do you need to add words to your Dragon vocabulary for it to understand.


Compatibility with Popular EPRs

One of the largest, if not the largest part of your document creation involves Electronic Patient Record systems such as EMIS, SystmOne and Vision. Dragon Medical One is compatible with all of the above to ensure a smooth user experience. Watch our client use DMO within EMIS here.


Save on Hardware with the PowerMic Mobile App

Dragon Medical One has its very own smartphone app that turns your smartphone into a microphone. Save costs on a headset or hand-held microphone by simply using your mobile. Super handy for locums or if you hot-desk a lot.

Dr Galvis explains why DMO is her "Game-Changer"