Is DP16 Right For Me?

Speech recognition is a valuable tool for pretty much anyone who types a fair amount; it helps you to get words on the screen in a quicker and more efficient way.


However, with so many different Dragon versions around, it can be tricky to find which one is right for you.


We recommend Dragon Professional 16 for:

  • Organisations that prefer/require on-premise technology – This version is hosted on your own servers as opposed to the other cloud versions.
  • Single users – If you are the only person needing a license (i.e. no colleagues or teams of people) then we would recommend this version.
  • Assistive users – If you have had an Access To Work assessment, your assessor will recommend this version. It is a great tool for people with a disability or who need support. Common use cases include Dyslexia, repetitive strain injury or multiple sclerosis.

Does either of these uses relate to you? You are in the right place!

Think this will benefit your business?

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