Benefits of The SpeechMike Premium

Excellent Accuracy

Two top-class microphones and noise cancellation make for great dictation results. No more background noise or mumbled audio.


Use It The Way You Want To

The SpeechMike’s customisable buttons mean that you can set them up exactly how you want. Have your most frequent actions at your fingertips.


Playback Your Dictations With Ease

The external speaker means that you can listen and play back your dictations once complete. This makes ensuring accuracy a whole lot easier!


Full Mouse Control

Yes, that’s right, you can control your computer’s mouse from the SpeechMike Premium through the embedded trackball system.  Scroll and click as you please.


“I’d definitely recommend the SpeechMike to others using Dragon. It is very easy to use and quick to learn how to use it without needing to spend a great deal of time learning the different ways to work it. This is a bonus when you are super busy at work.”

  • Alicia Speed, Emmerson’s Solicitors


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