Benefits of The Philips Voice Recorder

Crisp and Clear Audio Quality

The 3D microphone built into the Digital Pocket Memo (DPM) produces excellent quality for your dictations. The 360-degree sound pick-up means this device suits various use cases, such as meetings, voice recording and more!



Intelligent Activation

You don’t have to worry about stopping and starting with the Philips voice recorder. The DPMs automatic microphone selection means it goes into standby mode when idle and starts again once picked up. Be ready to record in seconds.



From Voice to Typist in 1, 2, 3

Speak, dock and send your dictations quicker than ever before with the Digital Pocket Memo’s docking station. Placing the dictaphone on it’s docking station will automatically transfer your audio file to your computer ready for distribution.

Available Models

DPM8000: £636 +VAT

DPM8100: £498 +VAT

DPM8300: £498 +VAT

DPM8900: £688 +VAT


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