How Olympus Dictation Management System Can Work For You

Flexibility is one of the many benefits of using the Olympus Dictation Management System. Users are able to choose from the following workflow options in order to make the technology work for them.

Classic Transcription

Probably the most popular use for ODMS, classic transcription refers to a workflow like this:

  • Record your notes using a voice recorder, fixed USB microphone or smartphone with the Olympus app (£89.25 +VAT per user, per annum).
  • Send the audio file to the secretary/admin staff via an internet connection or through the organisation’s network.
  • The recipient manually types up the file into the correct format and sends it back to the author for authorisation.
  • The author approves the written document, and the secretary sends it to the relevant persons.

Automatic Transcription

Some of you may know this option better as back-end speech recognition.


This option enables you to record your dictations on a dictaphone or hand-held microphone as normal and push the audio file through an intelligent speech recognition engine. You will then receive a tangible document with the contents of your dictation. This is an excellent option for one-man bands out there or to cover secretarial leave.


Advanced Voice Transcription

This option incorporates the impressive AI of Dragon speech recognition. The workflow goes something like this:

  • Dictate using a voice recorder, USB fixed microphone or smartphone and upload to ODMS.
  • ODMS with Dragon integration automatically transcribes the audio with speech-to-text technology, in real-time on your computer screen.
  • The admin staff then check the transcribed file and send it.

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Benefits of ODMS

Our clients love ODMS because…

Dictate On-The-Go

The ODDS smartphone app makes reporting possible regardless of location – on-site? At a client visit? Working from home? Your productivity doesn’t have to take a hit every time you leave the office.


256-Bit Encryption

Whether you are a Solicitor or Doctor, your and your client’s information is safe and secure prior to, during and after transit.


Status Updates

Keep track of your dictations and monitor their progress.


Prioritise Jobs

Select important dictations to be completed first to make your workflow effective and transparent.