Key Benefits of SpeechExec Pro

A Hub for Collaboration

SpeechExec Pro can be used as a stand-alone product to link your teams or it can be linked with SpeechLive or Dragon speech recognition for improved productivity and flexibility.

Multi-Computer Use

One license can be used on various devices, be it in the office or working remotely, you will have complete access.

Note: Licenses cannot be used on different devices simultaneously.

Advanced Workflow Management

Easily monitor and manage the workflow between authors and transcriptionists. Dictations are automatically routed to the appropriate person for quicker turnaround times.

High-Security Standards

256-bit real-time encryption, password protection and secure file transfer ensure that your dictations are secure against threats.

Affordable Pricing

SpeechExec Pro offers businesses affordability through a 2-year minimum subscription – spread to cost and stay on the most up-to-date version.

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Differences Between SpeechExec Pro and SpeechLive

SpeechExec Pro is Hosted On-Premise

This means the software is hosted on your own servers – this gives you full control over the software and keeping it updated. Whereas SpeechLive is cloud-hosted.


SpeechLive Has a Mobile App

SpeechExec Pro enables dictation through a voice recorder, hand-held microphone or headset. SpeechLive has a smartphone app – it’s up to you to decide which method you prefer!


SpeechExec Can Be Linked to SpeechLive

As mentioned above, SpeechExec can be combined with SpeechLive so you can enjoy both platforms simultaneously. However, it does not work the other way around, if you have SpeechLive you cannot use it with SpeechExec Pro.

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