Make SpeechLive Work For You

Thanks to the incredible technology built within SpeechLive, there are so many ways that you can choose to use the platform. Here are just a few ways that our clients are using it:


Classic Transcription

The method many of you will be familiar with; the person creating the documentation dictates into a dictaphone, microphone or the SpeechLive app. They then send their dictation to the typist for completion. Simple, trusted and effective.


SpeechLive Transcription Service

If you do not have your own typist or if you’d like an optional overflow service you can send your digital files securely for typing by the SpeechLive fairies a.k.a industry-specific trained professional typists.


They will accurately transcribe your recordings and send the finished document into your inbox for review.


Back-End Speech Recognition

Again, dictate as usual with your chosen device. When uploaded to SpeechLive you will have the option to send your audio file to the speech recognition engine. In minutes the SR engine will transcribe your file independently and send it to you as a tangible document ready for review.


Real-Time Speech Recognition

The quickest and most effective workflow option within SpeechLive – simply use a microphone or headset to dictate directly into the SpeechLive web browser and watch your works appear as you say them. You may now send directly to the recipient or to your typist to review and distribute.


We speak 3x faster than we type, so this option allows you to get more done, in less time.


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Benefits of SpeechLive Dictation

Flexible Assignment

Account managers can link typists and typist teams to different authors. After creating and linking teams to an author you can reassign specific dictations to a team or typist, allowing flexible assignment of dictations.


The Highest Security Standards

Philips ensure highly secure online storage thanks to HTTPS protocol, automatic double encryption in real-time, server mirroring and an automatic backup. Keeping your data reliably secured and available at all times.

Work Anywhere, Anytime

Access and manage your dictations through your web browser or the application from anywhere. Working from home is easy as you can safely use your private computer to playback and transcribe recordings.


Dictate On-The-Go

Use your digital voice recorder or the SpeechLive mobile app to keep up your productivity wherever you are.  Regardless of your preference, you can professionally record, edit and send recordings for transcription directly from your device.


Watch our SpeechLive mobile demo here.