Key Benefits

Hands-Free Control

The purpose of the Olympus foot pedal is to allow users to navigate through audio files hands-free. Compatible with ODMS  and SpeechLive dictation software, this device makes playing, rewinding, fast-forwarding and pausing within these platforms effortless.


Customised Shortcuts

If you are considering this device, you are likely transcribing all day every day and you have a certain way that you like to do things. The Olympus foot pedal allows you to customise each pedal to your desired action so that you can be as productive as possible.


Comfortable Design

Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, this foot pedal also has an anti-slip lining underneath to make using it daily as comfortable as possible. The pedal was designed for feet sizes up to size 45 (EUR).


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Available Models


This model has 3-foot pedals and a 1.8-meter cable.



This foot pedal has 4 pedals and a 2.5-meter cable.

If you don’t know which model you require, please do get in touch.