Key Features

Read Aloud

TextHelp Read and Write reads text on the screen aloud for the user with each word highlighted for ease. This can be helpful in the case of paragraphs, emails, websites and more.



Image Dictionaries

Get definitions and descriptions of images on your computer.




Get rid of the waffle with arguably one of TextHelp’s best features. Simplify the meaning of a body of text without changing the meaning (available with Google Chrome only).



Grammar and Spelling Check

Check your spelling and grammar are correct with TextHelp’s handy checker that looks at punctuation, capitalisation, tense and more!



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Empowering You Through Technology

TextHelp is part of our Accessibility range and can be procured through the Access To Work (ATW) scheme.

What does this mean? If eligible, the government scheme can fund TextHelp Read and Write for you as well as training you may need on the software.