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Dragon is one of the leading speech recognition software engines out there – Often used for creating speedy documentation, boosting productivity and as an accessibility tool, it is widely used.

You may already be a Dragon user, or you might be thinking about investing in the technology, either way understanding the potential of voice recognition software is good to know.

Therefore, here are a few cool voice recognition features from Dragon Professional Anywhere that are really handy to its users…


The clue really is in the name with this voice recognition feature; Users are able to give Dragon verbal instruction which commands the software to complete an action.

There are many built-in commands that come with the voice profile, however, users can also create their own allowing them to personalise their workflow.

An example of the command feature from our new Microsoft Teams command suite is the “Schedule A Meeting” command which once dictated will open a new appointment within the user’s Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Download our free Dragon Command Cheat Sheet here.

Find out more about the command feature in this short video…

Nuance User Management Centre

is Dragon Professional Anywhere feature has got to be up there with our favourites, it is incredibly beneficial for the users but also for us as a supplier too.

The Nuance User Management Centre (NUMC) allows authorised persons to edit:

  • User accounts and profiles
  • Administrative settings (i.e. swapping over licences etc)
  • Custom commands
  • Custom words

Furthermore, the NUMC allows access to the following analytics:

  • Usage reports
  • Productivity statistics
  • Behaviours of users

Not only is this extremely beneficial in tracking the return on investment with Dragon, but it also allows us as a provider to identify where more support is required.

The Cursor Lock

Another cool voice recognition feature within Dragon Professional Anywhere is the ability to lock your cursor in a specific document or application.

As explained by our Specialist Software Trainer, Matt:

“This gives the user the ability to dictate into a document that they cannot see. This is really useful when you need to read from other sources such as emails or case notes for the purpose of the document that they’re writing.”

Our clients love this feature because there is nothing worse than flicking from document to document.

voice recognition features

The Mobile App

An amazing part of Dragon Professional Anywhere is its sister mobile app: Dragon Anywhere Mobile.

The aspect that makes this feature so handy is the fact that the mobile app syncs with the computer profile – Which means that any commands, training, or vocabulary that you add or do on your PC will exist within the app.

Yep, that means your voice profile is accessible anywhere you go!

That is all from us and our top voice recognition features – We hope they help to improve your workflow and use of the software.

However, if you’re not yet a Dragon user, we’re confident that this blog demonstrates exactly why you should be!

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