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Our SpeechLive Training Courses
Price: £475 +VAT
Includes a group of up to 6 people


SpeechLive Training for Authors


Our SpeechLive Author Training Course ensures that the person creating the dictations is efficient and knowledgeable in doing so.

The course involves:

  • Setting up and using your chosen hardware (microphonevoice recorder)
  • Dictation etiquette
  • Editing dictation jobs
  • Insert/overwrite functionality
  • Recording a new job
  • Changing the job status
  • The SpeechLive mobile app (if applicable)

Please note that we can complete the Philips SpeechLive Author Training Course in a group of six people maximum.


It Includes:

1 x 1 hour 1-2-1 remote

session up to 5 users

12 months technical support

12 months of access to the SpeechLive course on our
e-learning portal

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