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Our Winscribe Training Courses

Our Winscribe Dictation Software course will provide you with a better understanding of the software as a whole, from operation, functionality and personalisation.

Although the software has been discontinued, we are still offering Winscribe training for existing users. Contact us to explore Winscribe replacement options.



Price: £775 +VAT


Winscribe Training – Author


  • Dictation etiquette
  • Inserting, overwriting and editing dictation
  • How to change the job type
  • Editing a sent job
  • Adding comments and using defined fields such as priority level and work types

We are able to offer this course in the form of a remote group session of up to 10 end users.



Price: £775 +VAT


Winscribe Training – Typist


The Secretarial Winscribe Dictation Training is user-dependant. The itinerary of the session depends on how the user is using Winscribe and the workflow that is in place.

The secretaries’ role is extremely important within a successful Winscribe Dictation workflow so it is important that they have excellent knowledge of the software.

The average training session includes:

  • Connecting and using hardware such as foot pedals.
  • Software functionality.
  • The organisation and allocation of jobs.
  • Personalising the software.
  • Implementing the workflow.

We are able to offer this course in the form of a remote group session of up to 10 end users.



Price: £45 +VAT


Winscribe E-Learning Training – Mobility Smartphone App

The Winscribe Digital Dictation Smartphone App: Winscribe Mobility allows professionals to dictate securely from any location; whether it’s an estate agent at a property wishing to carry out a valuation or a GP on call at a patient’s house.

Our self-led Winscribe Mobility e-learning course will cover:

  • Installation and getting set up
  • Inputting Winscribe Mobility into your reporting loop
  • How to record and send a dictation
  • Setting the job type and priority
  • Managing the folders

It Includes:

1 x 30-minute remote

session up to 10 users

12 months technical support

12 months of access to the Winscribe course on our
e-learning portal

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