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Read&Write by TextHelp is software that aims to support those with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

More specifically, TextHelp’s Read&Write assists users with grammar, punctuation and white display backgrounds – Allowing them to choose the colour of their computer’s background to better suit their needs (many people with Dyslexia struggle to read from contrasting backgrounds, so pastel alternatives are often much better).

As a supplier of TextHelp and Dragon speech recognition, we discovered how well the two technologies work in conjunction with one another many years ago. Since then, we’ve been developing coping strategies and providing training to help our clients achieve a workflow that allows them to work independently and empowers them.

That being said, we’d like to share a few custom Dragon commands that can be integrated into Read& Write to boost productivity and streamline use, but first, let’s remind ourselves what a Dragon command is:

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Screen Masking

As mentioned above, computers display most pages on a white background which can be hard to read for the Dyslexic brain. The TextHelp screen masking feature allows the user to select their preferred colour making it easier to read and more stimulating for their brain.

It is possible to create a command that means that the user can turn their preferred screen mask colour on and off using their voice. Users can create their own command, such as “screen mask on” or “activate screen mask” for example, to prompt Dragon to complete the action.

As one can imagine, this command would be extremely beneficial for TextHelp users that need to switch between tasks and thus screen masking frequently.

Advanced Spell Check

The extensive spell check is another amazing feature of Read&Write by TextHelp that ensures that everything its user writes is spelt correctly as well as grammatically correct. This feature is extremely helpful as “Dyslexia can affect spoken language, written language and language comprehension.”

Once finished typing their email or document, or if desired, users can instruct Dragon to carry out the spell check with one small word or phrase, guaranteeing confidence in their work.

Dictionary Definitions

Did you know that those with Dyslexia typically have a large spoken vocabulary for their age? However, given their struggles with spelling and recognising words, a dictionary can be really helpful when writing.

Read&Write by TextHelp has an in-built dictionary so that users can check the meaning of specific words if ever unsure. Using the in-built “Select [insert word]” Dragon command, users can select the desired word and then create a custom command such as “define this” for example, to get a definition.

Yet again, this is another accessible, quick and simple way to access the support available within TextHelp.

Read&Write by TextHelp

Want to learn more?

If you think these commands have been helpful and would like to explore how you can further integrate Dragon and Read&Write, our 1-2-1 training course is exactly what you need.

On our TextHelp training course, we will work with you to consider how Read&Write can help you with your daily tasks, looking at how it can be paired with existing technologies such as your case management system. We will also teach you the different features available within Read&Write, some of which have been mentioned above, and of course, we will teach you how to create the custom commands mentioned in this blog.

If you’d like to get a quote for our Read&Write training course, please email info@voicepower.co.uk.


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