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There have been some pretty exciting changes going on behind the scenes at VoicePower and we’d like to take a moment to share them with you.

As many of you know, one of our Directors, Sonja, has been at VoicePower for 22 years taking on many roles during that time, including temp, marketing admin, trainer, manager, director and co-owner!

Fast forward to today, and Sonja has decided that this is the right time for her to move on and try her hand at something new. Vicky will therefore become the sole owner of VP.

When Vicky and Sonja embarked on this crazy business journey together 12 years ago, they made a promise that their friendship will come above everything else and they stayed true to their word.

They are both so proud of their professional achievements, and the amazing team that has been built over the years. Most importantly, they are happy to have their friendship and will be friends forever supporting each other in this next chapter.

Sonja has a few words she would like to say:

“VoicePower and the team hold a very special place in my heart and always will. I was only meant to work at the business for 2 weeks as a temp in 2000, however, they couldn’t get rid of me as I kept finding new jobs to do!

I have worked in every aspect of the business, but I particularly enjoyed it when I was a trainer, learning the intricacies of the technology we supply and teaching our clients how to use it for their needs. I have also loved running the business alongside Vicky for the last 12 years. People urged caution when going into business with a friend – well I think you can safely say we proved them wrong! After 22 years in the company, it is now time for me to hang up my headset and move on to a new opportunity. 

When Vicky and I told the team that I was standing down, I had mixed emotions, sadness that I am leaving a business, team, and industry that I love but also happiness and excitement to be starting a new venture. When you’re in your business and dealing with the day-to-day you don’t get a chance to appreciate what you’ve achieved. 

VoicePower is the strongest it has ever been, we survived a recession, and a global pandemic, we’ve seen growth every year, the team is the best yet, we’re highly respected in the industry and the technology we supply is providing massive returns on our client’s investments. I am proud of what Vicky and I have achieved together, and I know that Vicky and the team will continue to fly the pink of VoicePower high and proud!”

Whilst we are extremely sad to be saying goodbye to Sonja, we know she will always be around as she is part of the VoicePower foundations! However, as a team, we are also really excited and happy for Sonja to be taking the chance to do something new and challenging. 

Good Luck Sonja, we love you!

As for VoicePower, nothing will change we will continue to work as always to look after our customers, we love what we do and that will never change!

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