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Many of us are subject to pressure and emotional strain. Sadly, in 2018 74% of people felt so stressed they were overwhelmed and unable to cope (Mental Health Foundation, 2018).

It is no surprise to us that 44% of stress is caused by work!

As a result of these alarming statistics and National Stress Awareness Day, we are exploring the impact that speech recognition can have on stress levels in the workplace.

Speech recognition was created with one objective in mind – to better manage administrative duties.

Of course, completing these duties in a timely fashion is vital to achieving this objective.

Naturally, we can speak much faster than we can type – three times faster in fact.

This explains how, with Dragon speech recognition, a person can create one hundred and sixty words per minute, as opposed to forty words per minute via typing.

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What Has Speech Recognition Got To Do With Stress?

Well, if users of speech recognition can save a minimum of an hour per day at work, how could this affect their stress levels?

An hour a day could be the difference between finally going home on time or working late, being able to relax on your break or skipping lunch. Doesn’t that sound great?

Skipping lunch may seem trivial, but scenarios such as these, if occurring frequently, contribute to an unhealthy work-life balance.

Taking a little time out of your day to truly unwind is important and speech recognition can allow to you do that.

Whether it be through freeing up time for a break or having a system which is generally more efficient and trustworthy, speech recognition is an effective tool for managing stress in the workplace.

And with fifteen million sick days due to stress and anxiety in the NHS alone, (Mental Health Foundation), we’d say that reducing stress levels is a priority!

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Our clients, Railway Medical Practice found their team under extra pressure. The excessive workloads created a stressful environment.

Practice Manager Chris expressed that his staff had an “unhealthy work-life balance’ and that ‘GPs were under a lot of pressure.”

Railway Medical Practice decided to deploy Dragon Medical speech recognition, which Chris says “takes away a lot of pressure.”

As well as a happier and healthier team, the practice received a huge return on investment. Dragon Medical paid for itself within just twelve months.

On top of that, it saved the practice a huge £15,000 – in that same year!

Speech recognition improved the quality of the team’s work-life and reduced overall stress. The software also produced savings that went on to fund staff with a well-deserved pay rise!

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Unleash Your VoicePower

So, what we’re trying to say is stress at work is avoidable. Work is a large part of our lives and it’s easy to get immersed in that endless to-do list.

However, nothing good comes from stress. Stress leads to panic, panic leads to rushing and rushing leads to mistakes.

Here at VoicePower, we are experts in workflow management solutions. Yes, we are ‘the speech recognition people’,  but we also offer other solutions, such as digital dictation.

If you would like to reduce stress in your workplace, get in touch.

Our team will assess your business, and propose and demonstrate the solution that we think would work best for you.

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