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Nuance Communications have released an important announcement stating that their Winscribe Dictation solution will become end-of-life within two years.

The news comes after they have decided to focus on their leading real-time speech recognition product, Dragon. Both Nuance and ourselves have seen a shift towards speech recognition and feel the need to prioritise this technology in order to meet the need of our users.

The plans for the discontinuation of Winscribe Cloud and Winscribe On-Premise are as follows:

End of sale:

This means that as of today no more Winscribe licences can be sold by any Nuance partner. This includes renewals.

  • Winscribe Cloud: With immediate effect
  • Winscribe On-Premise: With immediate effect

End of life:

This means that Winscribe will stop working and users will not be able to access the software.

  • Winscribe Cloud: 30th of June 2023
  • Winscribe On-Premise: 30th June 2024

As a Winscribe user, you are probably confused about what your next step needs to be and how you will continue efficient documentation within your organisation. We’d like you to know that we are here to offer our guidance and expertise to ensure you have no downtime and a smooth transition should you so wish to move to a different technology.

Please reach out for a no-obligation conversation about your options – We want to help.

Have you ever considered speech recognition?

Dragon speech recognition is a great way to capture all sorts of documentation and is widely used by solicitors, healthcare professionals and many others.

Dragon allows you to speak to your computer and capture the words in real-time. No transcription, no back and forth, no hassle.

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